Hi, I'm JM!

I am a programmer and professional musician from Long Beach, CA

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Hi! My name is JM and I am a musician, producer, and programmer from Long Beach, CA. I am a Software Engineer at PowerSchool, LLC in Folsom, CA. I hold degrees in both music and computer science. I am interested in audio software development and roles where I can combine my passion and skills in both music and programming.

  • Name: John-Michael O'Brien
  • Age: 29
  • Degrees: BM, Jazz Studies (Piano) - CSULB, 2017
    AS, Computer Science - Folsom Lake College, 2021
  • Prior Occupation: Automation Engineer (Java/Selenium) w/ 2 years experience
  • Current Occupation: Software Engineer currently working in Python and SQL

Outside of programming and music, I am an avid hiker, skateboarder, snowboarder, and gamer. I also have a sports/leadership background, with over 10 years of competitive volleyball coaching experience. I have an entrepreneurial mindset, having started my own business Belmont Shore Volleyball Club in 2017. In addition to playing and coaching indoor/beach volleyball, I also love playing and watching basketball. I currently live in Sacramento, CA with my amazing girlfriend of 8 years and our two labrador retrievers, Daisy and Molly.



I earned an AS in Computer Science from Folsom Lake College in May 2021. I have an extensive automation engineering backround, and in June 2023 I was promoted to a full-stack software engineering role at PowerSchool. I have experience in number of programming languages including: C++, Python, x86 Assembly Language, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript and SQL. I am currently working in Python as the lead engineer for integrating AI into PowerSchool SIS.


I earned a BM in Music Performance (Jazz Piano) from California State University, Long Beach in May 2017. While at The Beach I was the pianist for two of the top ensembles, the Studio Jazz Band and Pacific Standard Time, with whom I earned a Downbeat Award. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to perform at venues including: the Newport Beach Jazz Festival, Monterey Jazz Festival, SXSW, and the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl. I also have performed, recorded, and toured with several bands including Avi Buffalo, Leather Tramp, and Soular System.

Production & Arranging

In addition to being a keyboardist and vocalist, I also have experience producing, writing, and arranging music at the collegiate and professional levels. My DAW of choice is Logic Pro, and I use Sibelius whenever I am composing, arranging, or transcribing music. Some of my favorite genres to produce include: hip-hop, rap, funk, pop, electronic, and house music.


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Portfolio Website

Link to the source code for this website. I built the site using HTML, CSS, JS, and Bootstrap5 as a way to practice front-end development as I am working currently as a full-stack software developer. The site is currently being hosted for free on github.

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Java Developer Course

Link to a github repo which includes various coursework and projects from a Java developer course that I took through my current employer, PowerSchool. I took the course to solidify fundamentals and practice my back-end development skills.

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Audio Plugin (C++/JUCE)

Link to a github repo for a simple VST/AU gain slider plugin I created using C++. This was my first project using the JUCE framework. In the future I hope to combine my music and CS degrees and experience into an audio/music software developer role.

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Stock Checker Bot

Link to a github repo for a simple Python program I created that checks if an item is in stock. I was having a difficult time buying graphics cards during the pandemic, so I created this solution! If you set up a twilio account, you can also have the program send you a text when your item is in stock.

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Senior Recital

My undergraduate senior recital at CSULB. All music was selected and arranged by yours truly.

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Music Porfolio

Some of my best tracks, arrangements, and transcriptions that I have created over the years.

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Leather Tramp the Band

Our hit song Strays. You can listen to Leather Tramp streaming on all music platforms too.

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Solo Piano Performance

Vince Guaraldi's Christmas Time Is Here. One of my all time favorite pieces.

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